Spectrum of compounds with antibacterial activity against F. tularensis Schu S4

CompoundMIC (μM)e
F. tularensisM. tuberculosisB. anthracis
D410.23 (off)>40aND>50bND
D671.88 (off)>40aND>50bND
D730.47 (off)>40aNDNDND
D850.23 (off)>100aND>50bND
P277.5 (on)>40aND6.3b>30 (on)b
P521.88 (off)>40aND6.3b>30 (on)b
Q50.23 (off)NDaND>50bND
Q80.47 (off)NDbNDNDND
Q93.75 (off)17.5a50 (off)a>50bND
Q180.47 (off)>40aND>50bND
Q210.94 (off)>40aND>50bND
Q271.88 (off)15a38 (off)a>50bND
Q280.94 (off)20–40c40 (off)c>50bND
Q320.47 (off)12.8c30 (off)c>50bND
Q330.94 (off)5.3a24 (on)a>50bND
Q340.94 (off)>40aND>50bND
Q38<0.12 (off)>40cNDNDND
Q390.23 (off)NDND>50bND
Q410.23 (on?)NDND>50bND
Q427.5 (off)17.3a41 (off)a>50bND
Q440.94 (off)>100aND>50bND
Q460.23 (off)11.6a38 (off)a>50cND
Q557.5 (off)37cND>50bND
Q591.88 (off)9.7a26 (off)a>50bND
Q633.75 (off)>100aND>50bND
Q673.75 (off)6.7a50 (on)a12cND
Q770.47 (off)6.3a37 (on)aNDND
Q1087.5 (off)NDNDNDND
Q1143.75 (on)4.7d4.7 (off)dNDND
Q1153.75 (on)4.7d4.7 (off)dNDND
  • a Value from reference 39.

  • b Value from reference 40.

  • c Value from this work.

  • d Value from the work of Chacko et al. (submitted for publication).

  • e Compounds are designated on-target (on) if the MIC value increases by at least a factor of 4 in the presence of guanine. Compounds that fail to meet these criteria are designated off-target (off). M. tuberculosis H37Rv was cultured in GAST/Fe medium in the absence and presence of 100 μg/ml guanine. The MIC values were determined after 1 week. B. anthracis Sterne 7702 was cultured in RPMI 1640 medium in the presence and absence of 100 μg/ml guanine. ND, not determined.