Clinical isolates, β-lactamases in the isolates and transconjugants, ESBLs identified by bioassay and DNA sequencing, and typing data

IsolateDate of isolation (mo.yr)City of isolationpI(s) of β-lactamasesaBioassaybESBL sequenceRAPD typecPFGE typePlasmid fingerprint
K. pneumoniae SU2946/9803.98Suwałki7.6, 5.55.5 CAZ-CTXTEM-86ANDdE1
K. pneumoniae SU2949/9803.98Suwałki7.6, 5.55.5 CAZ-CTXTEM-85ANDND
K. pneumoniae SU3220/9804.98Suwałki7.6, 5.55.5 CAZ-CTXTEM-85ANDE1
K. pneumoniae SU3519/9805.98Suwałki7.6, 5.55.5 CAZ-CTXTEM-85ANDE1
E. coli SU2947/9803.98Suwałki7.4, 5.55.5 CAZ-CTXTEM-29aNDF
E. coli SU3408/9805.98Suwałki5.55.5 CAZ-CTXTEM-85bNDE2
K. pneumoniae GD3658/9803.98Gdańsk7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47BeA11
K. pneumoniae GD3661/9804.98Gdańsk7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47CfA10
K. pneumoniae GD3670/9806.98Gdańsk6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47DgA9
E. coli GD3667/9806.98Gdańsk6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47dNDA8
E. coli GD3657/9803.98Gdańsk6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-94cNDD
E. coli GD3668/9806.98Gdańsk6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-94cNDD
E. coli KR3445/9803.98Kraków6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-93eNDG
E. coli KR3447/9804.98Kraków6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-93fNDG
K. pneumoniae CZ9455/99e10.99Częstochowa8.4, 7.6, 6.0, 5.46.0 CTX-CAZTEM-4fENDC
8.4 CTXCTX-M-3
K. pneumoniae CZ9459/99e10.99Częstochowa8.4, 7.6, 6.0, 5.46.0 CTX-CAZTEM-4fENDC
8.4 CTXCTX-M-3
K. oxytoca BB1753/0004.00Bielsko-Biała8.4, 6.0, 5.46.0 CTX-CAZTEM-4fNDNDC
8.4 CTXCTX-M-3
K. pneumoniae WR3144/98g01.96Wrocław7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47GaA1
K. pneumoniae WR3159/98g04.96Wrocław7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47Fb2A2
K. pneumoniae WR3162/98g06.96Wrocław7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47HdA3
K. pneumoniae LD L-267h01.95Łódź7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47Fb2A5
K. pneumoniae RZ L-372h01.95Rzeszów7.6, 6.0, 5.46.0 CTX-CAZTEM-48fIhB
E. coli LD L-867h04.95Łódź9.0, 6.0, 5.46.0 CTX-CAZTEM-49fNDNDND
K. pneumoniae WA1027/96i03.96Warsaw7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47Fb3A6
K. pneumoniae WA1099/96i04.96Warsaw7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47Fb4A6
K. pneumoniae WA1592/96i05.96Warsaw7.6, 6.06.0 CTX-CAZTEM-47Fb5A7
K. pneumoniae WR3151/98g06.96Wrocław7.6, 5.75.7 CTX-CAZTEM-68GaA4
  • a Underlined pI values are those for β-lactamases which were also produced by the transconjugants.

  • b CTX-CAZ and CTX, an enzyme with a given pI hydrolyzed both cefotaxime (CTX) and ceftazidime (CAZ) or only cefotaxime, respectively, under the experimental conditions.

  • c Capital letters designate the RAPD types of K. pneumoniae; lowercase letters designate the RAPD types of E. coli isolates.

  • d ND, not determined; in the case of plasmid fingerprinting, the restriction patterns of these plasmids were difficult to interpret.

  • e The β-lactamase content, mating, bioassay, and CTX-M-3 sequence data for these isolates were published previously (4).

  • f Detection of the blaTEM ESBL gene was performed with plasmid DNA purified from the transconjugant strain.

  • g Data for these isolates were published previously (15).

  • h Data for these isolates were published previously (19).

  • i Data for these isolates were published previously (18).