Proportions of isolates susceptible to the antimicrobial agents examineda

Organism(s) and groupNo. of isolates% of isolates susceptible to:
    ESBL producers3126089254130100
    CXM-NR controls92999b99.991b9277b100c
    CXM-R controls2878596686559100c
Klebsiella sp.
    ESBL producers914089164930100
    CXM-NR controls1589999979791100
    CXM-R controls167575506363100
E. coli
    ESBL producers707186141611100
    CXM-NR controls53599100969371100
    CXM-R controls4073100402028100
Enterobacter sp.
    ESBL producers474394436836100
    CXM-NR controls24100100100100100100
    CXM-R controls527194858575100
Proteus sp.
    ESBL producers40909815105100
    CXM-NR controls41100100858366NAd
    CXM-R controls2010095706025NA
Providencia sp.
    ESBL producers22959592350100
    CXM-NR controls4710010024962100
    CXM-R controls24969621821100
Citrobacter sp.
    ESBL producers2171100817681100
    CXM-NR controls81100100949995100
    CXM-R controls256896807680100
Serratia sp.
    ESBL producers163850387556100
    CXM-NR controls16100b100100b100100b100
    CXM-R controls729499898982100
Morganella sp.
    ESBL producers56080404040100
    CXM-NR controls27100100968981b100
    CXM-R controls3897100637450100
  • a TZP, piperacillin-tazobactam; AN, amikacin; GM, gentamicin; CIP, ciprofloxacin; SXT, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; IPM, imipenem.

  • b One or two isolates were not tested for this agent.

  • c Data for imipenem susceptibility of non-ESBL-producing Proteus isolates not available.

  • d NA, not available.