MLST, SCCmec type, and variant SCCmec elements of MRSA recovered in Ireland, 1971 to 2002

CCSTAR type or phenotypeaSCCmec type based on:Variant SCCmec elements
Simplex PCRMultiplex PCRbSCCmec namec
8239AR01, AR15, AR23, AR44IIIIII
239PhIII, AR09IIIIII − pI258/Tn554
250Early MRSA (n = 1), PhII (n = 4)II (n = 10)
250PhII (n = 1), AR02 (n = 3)IIV or I − pls (n = 9)
247AR22, New02IIa
8AR05IIII − kdpIIBSCCmec IVb L-C region and lacks Tn554f
8AR13 (n = 6), AR14 (n = 3)IIII − kdpIIASCCmec IVb L-C region; class A.4 mecd,f
8AR14 (n = 10)IIII − kdp & mecIIICSCCmec IVb L-C region; class A.3 mecd; lacks ORFs between Tn554 and mec complexf
8AR13 (n = 19), AR14 (n = 3), New01, New03IIII − kdp & pUB110IIDSCCmec IVb L-C region; class A.4 mecd; lacks pUB110 and second copy of IS431f
8AR13 (n = 1), AR14 (n = 6)IIIV or II − kdp, mecI & pUB110IIESCCmec IVb L-C region; class A.3 mecd; lacks pUB110, second copy of IS431, and ORFs between Tn554 and mec complexf
8AR43 (n = 17)IVIV − dcsIVESCCmec IVc variant, lacks dcs; has an unusual sequence in I-R region
8AR43 (n = 3)IVIV − dcsIVFSCCmec IVb variant, lacks dcs; has an unusual sequence in I-R region
55AR07.3/07.4, AR11IIII
496AR07.2 (n = 1)IIII
3036AR07.0/07.2 (n = 6)IIII
30ARNT (n = 4)IVIV
4545ARNT (n = 1)IVIV
Se12ARNT (n = 1)IVIV
  • a Where more than one ST/SCCmec type was identified within a phenotype (e.g., AR13 or AR07.0/07.2), the numbers represented by each ST or SCCmec type are shown in parentheses after the AR type or phenotype. For isolates identified as having genotype ST250, the numbers of isolates analyzed by MLST differed from the numbers subjected to SCCmec typing (TABLE 1), and more than one SCCmec type was identified within this genotype; therefore, the numbers of isolates identified with each ST and SCCmec type are indicated in parentheses after the phenotype and SCCmec type, respectively. Otherwise, numbers of isolates are as indicated in TABLE 1.

  • b Some patterns obtained with the multiplex PCR SCCmec typing method lacked amplimers corresponding to the amplification of the determinants indicated.

  • c SCCmec name assigned during the present study.

  • d These two variants of mec complex class A (designated A.3 and A.4) were recognized during the present study (Fig. 2 and 3).

  • e Singleton, no ancestral genotype has been assigned.

  • f SCCmec II variant.