Identities between ORFs of the novel SCCmec IV variant element IVE of Irish MRSA isolate AR43/3330.1 and the conventional SCCmec IVc element

SCCmec element and ORFLocationaHomology to ORFs of SCCmec IVcb
ORF% HomologycGene product
IVE0166-866 (complement)CR007100Hypothetical protein
IVE02896-2050 (complement)CR008100Hypothetical protein
IVE032505-3551R002100Hypothetical protein
IVE043744-4040R003100Hypothetical protein
IVE054040-5833R004100Hypothetical protein
IVE06 (ccrA2)6067-7416R00599.1Cassette chromosome recombinase A2
IVE07 (ccrB2)7438-9051R00699.4Cassette chromosome recombinase B2
IVE089573-9923R007100Hypothetical protein
IVE0910010-10321R008100Hypothetical protein
IVE1010333-10842R009100Hypothetical protein
IVE1110978-12159R010100Hypothetical protein
IVE1212146-12502R011100Hypothetical protein
IVE1312493-12822 (complement)CR009100Putative transposase of IS1272
IVE1412725-13711 (complement)CR010 (ΔmecR1)100Truncated signal transducer protein MecR1
IVE1513811-15817R012 (mecA)100Penicillin binding protein 2a
IVE1616388-17131 (complement)CR011100Hypothetical protein
IVE1718432-19106R013100Transposase of IS431mec
IVE1820286-20792dHypothetical protein
IVE1920995-21576Hypothetical protein
IVE2022117-22590Hypothetical protein
  • a The nucleotide positions were determined based on the sequences for SCCmec IVE deposited in the GenBank database under accession number AJ810121.

  • b ORFs and gene products from SCCmec IVc nucleotide sequence in the GenBank database, accession number AB096217 (19).

  • c Based on amino acid identity.

  • d —, no homology.