Summary of mutations

Embedded Image
  • a SACOL0715, hypothetical protein; SACOL0716, response regulator homologue of graR; SACOL0717, sensor kinase homologue of graS; SACOL0718, ABC transporter, homologue of vraF; SACOL0720, ABC transporter, homologue of vraG; SACOL0970, rexB exonuclease; SACOL0971, rexA exonuclease; SACOL2312, hypothetical protein; SACOL2313, hydrolase; SACOL2314, sodium/bile acid symporter family protein; SACOL2599, hypothetical protein; SACOL2600, hypothetical protein; SACOL2666, N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase domain protein; SACOL2667, isochorismatase family protein; downward-pointing arrow, location of mutation.

  • b NA, not applicable.