Number of genes that were differentially expressed at one or more time points, sorted by cellular rolea

Cellular roleNo. of differentially expressed genes
Amino acid biosynthesis52
Biosynthesis of cofactors/prosthetic groups/carriers61
Cell envelope2412
Cellular processes288
Central intermediary metabolism53
DNA metabolism516
Energy metabolism3011
Fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism16
Hypothetical proteins11883
Other categories81
Protein fate98
Protein synthesis1413
Regulatory functions1714
Signal transduction179
Transport and binding protein4049
Unknown function2317
Viral functions10
  • a Differentially expressed plasmid-encoded genes are also included. Genes that were up-regulated at some time points and down-regulated at other time points are counted twice. Likewise, genes that have been assigned more than one cellular role were counted twice.