Levels of 8-oxodG/106 dG in hypermutable and nonhypermutable P. aeruginosa isolates from CF patientsa

CF patient no.8-oxodG/106 dG
Hypermutable isolatesNonhypermutable isolates
CF 15239.6
CF 262.360.1
CF 371.957.8
CF 470.240.8
CF 5105.437.7
CF 549
CF 651.4NDb
CF 670.6
CF 690.2
CF 750.3ND
CF 756
CF 8117.9c75d
CF 967.4d58.8e
  • a For patients CF 1 to CF 7 the 8-oxodG levels were measured by the use of single isolates. These isolates were collected from the population analysis of the sputum samples (cross-sectional study). For patients CF 8 and CF 9 the levels are means of the levels for several isolates from the longitudinal study.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c Mean for five isolates.

  • d Mean for four isolates.

  • e Mean for two isolates.