Characteristics of pulmonary Mycobacterium abscessus complex studies identified through systematic review

ReferenceEnrollment periodStudy location (referral)Study designaNo. of patientsAge, yr (range)Male/female ratioOutcome(s) examinedbNo. (%) who died on therapyc,f
Macrolide-free regimens
    Griffith et al. (21)1976–1991Texas (southern USA)RetroCS12054 ± 19.642:78SCC, relapse, death20 (17)
Macrolide-containing regimens
    van Ingen et al. (32)1999–2005NetherlandsRetroCS3053 (1–89)19:11SCC, death4 (8)
    Jeon et al. (14)2000–2007Seoul, South KoreaRetroCS18855 (43–67)48:140SCC, relapse, death (RSS)2 (1)d
    Jarand et al. (23)2001–2004Colorado, USA (36 states)RetroCS10760.2 (20–85)18:89SCC, relapse, death17 (16)
    Lyu et al. (26)2003–2008Seoul, South KoreaRetroCS11253.2 (22–77)10:31SCC, relapse, death0
    Koh et al. (15)2004–2008Seoul, South KoreaRetroCS14557.6 ± 13.037:108SCC, relapse (RSS)0
    Harada et al. (22)1990–2010Japan (12 centers)RetroCS10268 (27–94)39:58eSCC, relapse (radiographic)0
    Tung et al. (31)2006–2012Kaohsiung, TaiwanRetroCS10664.56 ± 14.1144:62SCC, relapse, death (radiographic)15 (14)
    Griffith et al. (7)2000–2012Texas, USARetroCS2175.5 ± 8.52:19SCC, relapse0
    Namkoong et al. (27)2004–2013Tokyo, JapanRetroCS9263.6 ± 8.52:11SCC (radiographic)NA
    Koh et al. (25)2007–2012Seoul, South KoreaProspCS7157 (50–64)10:61SCC (RSS)NA
    Czaja et al. (20)2009–2012Colorado, USA (southern states)ProspCS5365 ± 117:40SCC (RSS)NA
    Koh et al. (24)2002–2012Seoul, South KoreaProspCS6757 (48–64)15:52SCC (RSS)NA
    Park et al. (30)2006–2015Seoul, South KoreaRetroCS11364 (52–71)39:71SCC (RSS)NA
Macrolide-containing plus Investigational drugs in refractory diseaseg
    Olivier et al. (29)2003–2010Maryland, USARetroCS of inhaled amikacin2356 ± 164:16SCCNA
    Wallace et al. (33)2002–2006Texas, USAProspCS of tigecycline3635.2 ± 22.27:29SCCNA
    Yang et al. (34)2013–2015Seoul, South KoreaRetroCS of clofazimine4260 (53–69)9:33SCC (RSS)NA
    Olivier et al. (28)2012–2015North America (Canada and USA)RCT of liposomal amikacin (NCT01315236)9058.5 ± 15.8311:78Semiquantitative mycobacterial growth scale, SCC, 6-min walk, adverse events2 (2.2)
    Choi et al. (19)2005–2015Seoul, South KoreaRetroCS1557 (48–67)5:10SCC, death5 (33)
  • a RCT, randomized control trial; ProspCS, prospective cohort study; RetroCS, retrospective cohort study.

  • b SCC, sputum culture conversion; RSS, radiographic, symptomatic response.

  • c NA, data not available.

  • d Studies that only reported deaths due to pulmonary Mycobacterium abscessus complex disease in treated patients.

  • e Some data of patients with Mycobacterium abscessus subspecies bolletii are missing.

  • f Data analyzed or available in text or tables only.

  • g Refractory means failing initial therapy.