Comparison of DNA sequences of class C cephalosporinases described for Acinetobacter spp. and O. urethralis

Isolate and cephalosporinaseOrigin, yearGenBank accession no.Reference or sourceRevised designation% Identity compared with ADC-1
A. baumannii AmpCSpain, 2000AJ0099797ADC-1
O. urethralis ABA-1France, 2003AY17742724ADC-298.4
A. baumannii ABAC-1France, 2003AY17899524ADC-398.2
A. baumannii ABAC-2France, 2003AY17899624ADC-499
Acinetobacter genomic species AG3Spain, 2004AJ5751846ADC-597.9
A. baumannii AmpCSouth Africa, 2004AY32530638ADC-698.4
A. baumannii AmpCCleveland, OhioAY648950This paperADC-797.7