Bacterial strainsa

Strainagr group/functionCommentsReference(s)
RN6607bII/+ agr group II prototype laboratory strain 22, 26
RN6607VII/+RN6607 grown in subinhibitory VAN; hetero-GISA 37
RN9120II/− (agr::tetM)Isogenic agr knockout from strain RN6607 26
RN9120VII/− (agr::tetM)RN9120 grown in subinhibitory VAN 37
RN9120-GISAII/− (agr::tetM)RN9120 serially passaged in VAN to GISA 37
A5937II/+Clinical MRSA, endocarditis (early, bloodstream) 36
A5940II/−Clinical MRSA, endocarditis (late, aortic valve tissue); 50 days of VAN therapy; hetero-GISA 36
  • a A minus sign (−) indicates a loss of agr function as assessed by the loss of delta-hemolysin activity. VAN, vancomycin.

  • b Referred to as strain SA502A in reference 15.