Sequence analysis of soxRS in E. coli clinical isolatesa

StrainsoxR/SoxR sequencesoxS/SoxS sequenceBasal soxS expression
Base pairAmino acidBase pairAmino acid
E3G1080 to AA111 to Twtwtwt
E17C1130A1131G1132 deletionS128 deletedG494 to AUnchangedElevated
E19T1191T1192 deletion−1 frameshift at L148wtElevated
M1G808 to AR20 to HwtElevated
I236G1079 to AUnchangedT341 to CUnchangedwt
G494 to AUnchanged
I237 or I242 or I253T848 to CUnchangedT341 to CUnchangedElevated
C862 to GT38 to SG365 to TUnchanged
C875 to TUnchangedT485 to CUnchanged
T920 to CUnchangedG512 to AUnchanged
T926 to CUnchangedC518 to TUnchanged
G969 to CG74 to RT545 to CUnchanged
G977 to AUnchangedA553 to GUnchanged
G1004 to AUnchangedT587 to GUnchanged
G1142 to AUnchanged
T1178 to CUnchanged
C1181 to AUnchanged
I243 or I246G1079 to AUnchangedG494 to AUnchangedwt
I251G1080 to AA111 to Twtwtwt
  • a For DNA or protein sequence, wt indicates no difference compared to the published soxRS sequence.