Association between epidemiological variables of patients with bacteremia caused by Enterococcus faecium and the virulence/epidemicity traits esp, purK-1, and hyl

Type of analysis and variableSignificance of association (OR; 95% CI; P)
Univariate analysis
    Hospital locationNS0.06; 0-0.47; 0.002NS
    Urinary catheterization0.18; 0.03-0.87; 0.013NSNS
    Therapy with β-lactamsNS0.18; 0.04-0.79; 0.019NS
    Therapy with quinolonesNSNSNS
    Hospital stay >7 days0.14; 0.02-0.79; 0.009NSNS
    Nosocomial acquisition0.13; 0.01-1; 0.040.14; 0.03-0.57; 0.003NS
Multivariate analysis
    Hospital location0.06; 0.007-0.57; 0.002
    Urinary catheterization
    Hospital stay >7 days0.14; 0.02-0.70; 0.005
    Nosocomial acquisition0.16; 0.04-0.67; 0.008
  • a OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; NS, not significant. P values are boldfaced.