Contribution of AlgU and MexCD-OprJ to CHX resistance in P. aeruginosaa

StrainRelevant propertiesbCHX MIC (μg/ml)
K1542CDJ+ AlgU+10
K2896CDJ AlgU+2.5
K2897CDJ+ AlgU1.25
K2898CDJ AlgU0.625
K767CDJ+ AlgU+10
K1521CDJ AlgU+5
K2443CDJ+ AlgU2.5
K2443 + pMMB206CDJ+ AlgU2.5
K2443 + pSF02cCDJ+ AlgU+10
K1536NfxB AlgU+20
K2895NfxB AlgU2.5
K2895 + pMMB206NfxB AlgU2.5
K2895 + pSF02cNfxB AlgU+20
K2889CHX passaged; CDJ+>50d
K2891CHX passaged; CDJ10
  • a The MICs shown are for the most resistant isolates recovered.

  • b CDJ+, mexCD-oprJ present and inducible by CHX but not otherwise expressed in untreated cells; CDJ, ΔmexCD-oprJ; AlgU+, algU present; AlgU, ΔalgU; NfxB, nfxB repressor gene inactivated; CHX passaged, strains recovered following serial passage in LB containing increasing concentrations of CHX.

  • c pSF02, plasmid pMMB206 carrying algU.

  • d Limit of CHX solubility.