Properties of clinical Candida isolates from protocol 026

PatientSpecies and CLY no.Amino acid change in FkslpMIC (μg/ml) in:Glucan synthesis IC50 (ng/ml)Mouse LD50 (CFU/mouse ×10−3)Mouse ED90 (mg/kg/day)
AC. albicans CLY16996S645F>821,9974401.09
C. albicans CLY16997S645P>841621909.98
C. albicans CLY16998None0.50.060.56110<0.06
C. albicans CLY18195None0.250.060.916000.01
BC. albicans CLY19228None0.50.060.40420.005
C. albicans CLY19229None0.50.060.40540.002
C. albicans CLY19230S645F424201660.76
C. albicans CLY19231S645F424561700.73
CC. krusei CLY16038R1361G3216795>8,200NCa
  • a Not calculated due to poor virulence of isolate.