Strains and plasmids used in this study

Plasmid or strainDescription or genotypeSource or reference
    pBKSBluescript II KS+ vectorStratagene
    pBSK-S/XBluescript II KS+ vector with SalI and XhoI sites removed and then religatedThis study
    pTPIPT12.614-kb amplicon containing IPT1 inserted into pBKS-S/X at EcoRVThis study
    pUC19Small, high-copy-number plasmidMBI, Fermentas
    pMB7Plasmid that contains the C. albicans URA3 gene flanked by 1.1-kb direct repeats of the Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium hisG DNA10
    pTPHUH4.044-kb BamHI-BglII fragment from pMB7 containing hisG-Ura3-hisG inserted into pUC19 at BamHIThis study
    pTPIPT1R4.061-kb SalI-SmaI fragment from pTPHUH containing hisG-Ura3-hisG inserted into pTPIPT1 at SalI-HpaIThis study
    pADH1G3Plasmid harboring the SAT1 and GFP genes26
    pCPL51Plasmid harboring CDR1-LACZ fusion with 3′ CDR1This study
    pCPG2Bluescript II KS+ vector containing a 3.5-kb fragment, GFP fused to the C terminus of CDR1 by mutating stop codon into BamHI, along with CaSAT1 marker geneThis study
C. albicans strains
    SC 5314URA3/URA310
    TPIPT1-1Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 IPT1ipt1::hisG-URA3-hisGThis study
    TPIPT1-2Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 IPT1ipt1::hisGThis study
    TPIPT1-3Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 Δipt1::hisG-URA3-hisGipt1::hisGThis study
    TPIPT1-4Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 Δipt1::hisGipt1::hisGThis study
    TPIPT1-5Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 Δipt1::hisGipt1::hisG::IPT1-URA3This study
    TPWT-GFPCDR1URA3ura3::imm434This study
    TPD1-GFPCDR1Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 IPT1ipt1::hisG-URA3-hisGThis study
    TPD2-GFPCDR1Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 Δipt1::hisG-URA3-hisGipt1::hisGThis study
    TPR1-GFPCDR1Δura3::imm434ura3::imm434 Δipt1::hisGipt1::hisG::IPT1-URA3This study