Pyocin/phage operon and related genes induced by 0.3× and 1× MIC of ciprofloxacina

ORFGene namebChange (n-fold) with 0.3× MICChange (n-fold) with 1× MICDescription
PA0610prtN2.06.8Transcriptional activator
PA0611prtR1.33.0Transcriptional repressor
PA0612c8.5Homolog of Zn2+ finger protein
PA06134.019.3Conserved hypothetical
PA06151.77.2Conserved hypothetical
PA0616VR22.913.0Homologous to baseplate assembly protein V
PA0617WR23.013.9Homologous to baseplate assembly protein W
PA0618JR22.110.0Homologous to baseplate assembly protein J
PA0619IR23.214.7Homologous to tail protein I
PA0620HR22.712.1Homologous to tail fiber protein H
PA06214.316.7Homologous to tail fiber assembly protein
PA0622FIR22.410.3Homologous to contractile sheath protein FI
PA0623FIIR22.912.8Homologous to tail tube protein FII
PA06242.712.8Conserved hypothetical
PA06252.514.1Homologous to tail length determination protein
PA0626UR21.89.8Homologous to tail formation protein U
PA0627XR22.310.8Homologous to tail protein X
PA0628DR21.810.0Homologous to tail formation protein D
PA0629Lys2.28.7Lytic protein; homology to predicted chitinase
PA06301.610.6Hypothetical protein
PA06312.416.2Unique hypothetical protein
PA06323.421.2Unique hypothetical protein
PA0633VF24.316.4Homologous to major tail protein V
PA06343.215.8Unique hypothetical protein
PA06352.015.9Conserved hypothetical protein
PA0636HF22.110.0Homologous to tail length determination protein H
PA0637MF22.711.0Homologous to tail fiber protein M
PA0638LF28.5Homologous to tail fiber protein L
PA0639KF23.015.9Homologous to tail assembly protein K
PA0640IF23.116.4Homologous to tail assembly protein I
PA0641JF22.49.8Homologous to tail fiber protein J
PA06422.712.9Hypothetical protein
PA06431.98.9Homologous to tail fiber domain protein
PA06444.018.0Hypothetical protein
PA06451.815.8Hypothetical protein
PA06463.113.4Homologous to putative tail fiber protein
PA06473.823.0Conserved hypothetical protein
PA06488.2Conserved hypothetical protein
PA0985pys54.518.1Pyocin S5
PA1150pys25.4Pyocin S2
PA3617recA2.84.6Recombinase for DNA recombination and repair
PA3866pys413.951.3Pyocin S4
  • a Only genes identified as being affected by subinhibitory (0.3 μg/ml) or inhibitory (1 μg/ml) ciprofloxacin relative to untreated strain H103 and that were of interest in this study are included. A list of all genes identified as being affected by this concentration of ciprofloxacin and exhibiting a statistically significant change (P ≤ 0.05) is available in the supplemental material. Genes are identified by ORF designation, gene name or alternative gene name, and homology description based on the Pseudomonas genome project (

  • b Genes were named as per Table 1 of Nakayama et al. (21) and reflect the homology observed by these authors to phages P2 and λ.

  • c —, no significant change in expression.