In vitro activities of PPI-0903M and comparator agents tested against anaerobes

Bacterium group or antimicrobial agent (no. of isolates tested)MIC (μg/ml)% of isolates by category
Bacteroides fragilis (20)
Clostridium difficile (10)
Clostridium spp. (16)b
Other gram-positive anaerobes (14)c
Prevotella spp. (16)d
  • a —, no breakpoints have been established by the CLSI/NCCLS (3, 12).

  • b Includes 12 C. perfringens strains, 3 C. septicum strains, and 1 Clostridium sp. strain.

  • c Includes two Proprionibacterium acnes strains, nine Proprionibacterium sp. strains, and three Peptostreptococcus sp. strains.

  • d Includes six Prevotella bivia strains, one P. intermedia strain, one P. melaninogenica strain, two P. oralis strains, and six Prevotella sp. strains.