MIC changes in staphylococci and streptococci upon serial passages in broth containing REP8839 or mupirocin

StrainaPhenotypebREP8839 MIC (μg/ml)Mupirocin MIC (μg/ml)
InitialAfter 20 passagesInitialAfter 20 passages
S. aureus ATCC 29213MSSA, MupS0.0640.060.5
S. aureus ATCC 43300MRSA, MupS0.0610.068
S. aureus LZ10MRSA, MupS0.030.50.252
S. aureus NRS103MRSA, MupS0.1210.251
S. aureus 1079077MRSA, MupS0.25160.51
S. aureus 31-1334MRSA, LL-MupR0.03832128
S. aureus 1079101MSSA, HL-MupR0.06164,0964,096
S. aureus NRS107MSSA, HL-MupR0.0150.54,0964,096
S. aureus LZ1MRSA, HL-MupR0.060.064,0964,096
S. aureus LZ6MRSA, HL-MupR0.0624,0964,096
S. aureus 10-420MRSA, HL-MupR0.0684,0964,096
S. aureus 87-2797MRSA, HL-MupR0.03162,0484,096
S. aureus 25-670MRSA, HL-MupR0.0682,0484,096
S. epidermidis NRS8MRSE, LL-MupR0.060.1232128
S. epidermidis 936528MRSE, HL-MupR0.030.52,0484,096
S. epidermidis 936606MRSE, MupS0.06160.122
S. haemolyticus NRS116MRSH, MupS0.12160.121
S. pyogenes ATCC 19615EryS0.1210.064
S. pyogenes MB000143EryR0.1210.060.5
  • a Strains of S. aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus haemolyticus, and S. pyogenes.

  • b MupS, mupirocin susceptible; LL-MupR, low-level mupirocin resistant; HL-MupR, high-level mupirocin resistant; EryS, erythromycin susceptible; EryR, erythromycin resistant.