Susceptibilities of C. tropicalis isolates to polyene and azole drugsa

AntifungalDiam (mm) of the inhibition zone of the indicated isolate on:
CasitoneRPMI 1640
    Amphotericin B322427.328.722.720.324.723
  • a In vitro susceptibility testing was performed by a disk diffusion method on Casitone agar and RPMI 1640-glucose agar plates using Neosensitabs tablets (containing 1 μg of drug for voriconazole, 10 μg for amphotericin B and clotrimazole, 15 μg for fluconazole and ketoconazole, and 50 μg for nystatin). Results, which are expressed as mean values of three independent determinations, correspond to the diameters of growth inhibition zones. Standard deviations of the means represented less than 10%. TR, total resistance (no inhibition zone). Data were analyzed with the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test at the unilateral risk α of 0.05. Mean diameters of the inhibition zones were statistically different between isolate 21234 and the three other isolates (i.e., smaller for azoles and larger for polyenes), except for amphotericin B and nystatin on RMPI 1640-glucose agar.