Antiviral activity and cytotoxicity of compound CDDMNe

ParameterRluc-Neo-Rep BHK-21 cellsRluc-VLP Vero cell infectionRluc-WNV Vero cell infectionWNV Vero cell infectiona
EC50 (μM)1732328
CC50 (μM)500b>600c>600c>600c
  • a Vero cells were infected with an epidemic strain of WNV (MOI, 0.1) and immediately treated with compound CDDMN at concentrations ranging from 1.2 to 300 μM. At 42 h of incubation and treatment, the viral yields in the culture medium were determined by plaque assays on Vero cells, as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Cytotoxicity was tested in naïve BHK-21 cells.

  • c Cytotoxicity was analyzed in Vero cells, with 600 μM being the highest concentration tested.

  • d TI, therapeutic index, which is the CC50 divided by the EC50.

  • e The results represent the averages of two or more independent experiments.