Post hoc Bayesian predicted pharmacokinetic parameters derived for CQ and DECQ for nonpregnant and pregnant women

ParameteraValueb for:P
Nonpregnant women (n = 30)Pregnant women (n = 30)
t 1/2abs CQ (h)0.4920.492NAc
CL/FCQ (liters/h)23.9 [21.3-26.3]32.0 [28.8-36.5]<0.001
V C/FCQ (liters)2,702 [2,230-3,535]3,406 [2,819-4,919]0.007
V P/FCQ (liters)3,781 [3,503-4,106]4,041 [3,707-4,254]NS
V SS/FCQ (liters)6,707 [5,843-7,158]7,147 [6,721-9,638]0.009
t 1/2α CQ (h)38.6 [31.8-44.5]42.1 [35.4-47.6]NSd
t 1/2β CQ (h)291 [272-313]266 [244-280]<0.001
AUC0-∞ CQ (mg·h/liter)47,892 [43,486-53,746]35,750 [31,343-39,729]<0.001
CLM/FCQ (liters/h)4.29 [3.82-4.72]5.74 [5.17-6.55]<0.001
CL/FDECQ (liters/h)4.9 [4.3-6.4]8.9 [7.2-11.8]<0.001
V C/FDECQ (liters)23.1 [15.7-43.1]32.2 [24.1-50.1]NS
V P/FDECQ (liters)612 [567-665]654 [600-689]NS
V SS/FDECQ (s)653 [606-701]684 [624-731]NS
t 1/2α DECQ (h)2.03 [1.22-3.61]2.08 [1.20-2.97]NS
t 1/2β DECQ (h)234 [221-259]199 [190-212]<0.001
AUC0-∞ DECQ (mg·h/liter)41,584 [31,836-47,629]23,073 [17,444-28,380]<0.001
  • a Abbreviations are as defined for Table 1 plus the following: AUC0-∞, area under the plasma concentration-time curve from time zero to infinity; t1/2abs, absorption half-life; t1/2α, distribution half-life; t1/2β, elimination half-life; VSS/F, steady-state volume of distribution relative to bioavailability (VSS/F; given by the formula VC/F + VP/F).

  • b Data are medians, with interquartile ranges in brackets.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d NS, not significant.