Minimal set of mutations that can be used to detect MDR strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosisa

Mutation site% Sensitivity (% CI) for resistance detection
rpoB531, rpoB526, rpoB516, rpoB533, or rpoB51393.8 (90.0-96.5)82.6 (77.3-87.2)
katG315, inhA-15, or ahpC-10, ahpC-6, or ahpC-1285.5 (80.5-89.7)
embB306 93.8 (90.0-96.5)89.3 (84.7-92.9)86.8 (81.8-90.8)
  • a A screening test that uses mutations in rpoB531, rpoB526, rpoB516, rpoB533, and rpoB513, katG315, inhA-15, ahpC-10, ahpC-6, and ahpC-12, and embB306 can detect 86.8%(81.8% to 90.8%) of MDR strains(tested using 242 isolates).