Genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium among C. albicans isolates displaying either clear MIC endpoints or altered (i.e., with TE or PG phenotypes) in vitro susceptibilities to caspofungina

C. albicans caspofungin in vitro phenotypenHeHoFisLinkage disequilibrium
EF3 vs CDC3EF3 vs HIS3CDC3 vs HIS3
Clear MIC endpoint190.792 (0.148)0.684 (0.091)0.1390.0080.0080.058
TE or PG80.786 (0.069)0.583 (0.072)0.2710.1170.1250.100
  • a He, mean (standard deviation) unbiased expected heterozygosity based on Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium over the three loci (EF3, CD3, and HIS3); Ho, mean (standard deviation) observed heterozygosity; Fis, intrapopulation fixation index (an indirect measure of mating patterns, as self-reproduction [inbreeding] increases homozygosity). A positive Fis value indicates an excess of homozygosity based on allelic frequencies. Linkage disequilibrium among the three microsatellite loci (EF3, CD3, and HIS3) was computed using Fstat software. An absence of linkage disequilibrium within a population means that alleles were randomly associated in this population. Here the population with altered in vitro susceptibility to caspofungin is genetically homogeneous.