Characteristics of class 1 integrons with the uncommon promoter sequence Pc hybrid 2 and the combinations of P2 with Pc hybrid 1 and Pc strong

PromoterIntegron designationGene cassette(s) (5′-3′)SpeciesLocationGenBank accession no.Reference or source
Pc hybrid 2In-t4 aadB, orfE, orf416, cmlA7 Klebsiella pneumoniae Plasmid pCC416 (IncA/C2) AJ704863 4
aadB, int, cmlA1 K. pneumoniae Plasmid pKPN5 (IncF; 88.6 kb) CP000650 McClelland et al., unpublished
aacA1, orfGa E. coli Plasmid pCMXR1 AB061794 6
In7 bla VIM-2, aacA4 Pseudomonas aeruginosa Chromosome AM180753 8
aacA7, blaVIM-2, dfrB5, aacC-A5 P. aeruginosa Unknown DQ522233 Shevchenko and Edelstein, unpublished
In70 bla VIM-1, aacA4, aphA15, aadA1 Achromobacter xylosoxidans Plasmid pAX22 (30 kb) AJ278514 14
Tn402-like oxa2, aacA4, aadA1Uncultured bacteriumPlasmid pTB11 (IncP; 68.9 kb) AJ744860 16
aacA7, catB3, aadB, oxa2, orfD Enterobacter aerogenes Plasmid pBWH301 U13880 3
aacA4 b Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumPlasmid pST2 S45954 10
Pc hybrid 1+P2 aadA2 E. coli Plasmid pMUR050 (IncN; 56.6 kb) AY522431 7
Pc strong+P2In-h12 aacA7, blaVIM-12, aacA7 K. pneumoniae Plasmid p2873 (70 kb) DQ143913 12
  • a aacA1 and orfG occur in the same cassette.

  • b Only the first gene cassette has been characterized.