Quinolone susceptibility as a function of temperature in strains with varying SOS response regulation

E. coli strain and plasmidCiprofloxacin MIC (μg/ml) ata:
GW1000 (lexA+ recA441)0.00050.0010.0020.004
    pMG298 (qnrB1)0.0040.0120.0230.023
    pMG301 (qnrB2)0.0030.0120.0120.023
    pMG317 (qnrB3)0.0940.1250.1250.19
    pMG320 (qnrB5)0.0230.0320.0470.094
    pMG252 (qnrA1)0.0230.0320.0470.064
    pMG306 (qnrS1)0.0640.0940.1250.125
J53 (lexA+ recA+)0.0040.0080.0120.023
    pMG298 (qnrB1)0.190.380.380.38
    pMG252 (qnrA1)0.190.380.380.38
  • a Measured by Etest on Mueller-Hinton agar plates at the indicated temperatures except for R GW1000 and J53, for which MICs were performed by agar dilution. Determinations were repeated at least twice.