Summary of total numbers of isolates collected per sample during the study and number positive for each sul genotype

Sample site and time of samplingNo. of isolates with indicated sul genotype(s):No. of isolates analyzed from each sample
sul vesul1sul2sul3sul1 sul2sul1 sul3sul2 sul3sul1 sul2 sul3
PS (amended)52718104011278
PS (control)4112000018
Preapp (soil)5321137600679
1,1 (soil)53614127112171
1,21 (soil)9610200020
1,90 (soil)151300101039
1, 289 (soil)23686300041
2,1 (soil)376213304045
2,21 (soil)351376313239
2,90 (soil)361741607141
2,240 (soil)191611001029
Soil leachate22872122031
  • a Sample sites were as follows: PS (amended), pig slurry amended with 25.58 mg liter−1 SCP and 18.85 mg liter−1 OTC; PS (control), unamended pig slurry; preapp (soil), soil cores from year 1 before slurry application; 1,1 (soil), soil cores from year 1, day 1 time point; 1,289 (soil), soil cores from year 1, day 289 time point; 2,1 (soil), soil cores from year 2, day 1 time point; soil leachate (three combined samples collected over the sample period from large rainfall events).