Characteristics of resistant A. fumigatus strains missed with VIPchecka

Straincyp51MIC 1 (mg/liter)MIC 2 (mg/liter)No. missed by VIPcheck/total no.Strain characteristics
V059-27M220K>1620.25>16>1622/60/6Only minimal growth in EUCAST 96-well plate; discrepancy in MIC between measurements 1 and 2
V130-18 >1640.5440.52/62/6Only very minimal growth after 48 h on VIPcheck plates and growth plate; isolated from a patient with long-term azole treatment; discrepant MIC results
V156-11 >1642>1640.50/63/6No specific growth characteristics
V159-73 >1622>1620.51/60/6No specific growth characteristics
  • a Strain and patient characteristics were added when available. There were discrepancies in the MIC results between measurements 1 and 2 for isolates V059-27 and V130-18. Strain characteristics were added for the 4 missed strains.