Demographic, clinical, and laboratory data for 104 liver transplant recipients with therapeutic drug monitoring of voriconazole

Mean (range) age (yr)36 (18–62)
Sex (no. [%] of males, no. [%] of females)60 (58), 44 (42)
Mean (range) wt (kg)61 (34–90)
No. (%) of patients with invasive fungal infection
    Proven8 (7.7)
    Probable42 (40.4)
    Possible54 (51.9)
No. (%) of patients with route of administration
    Intravenous24 (23)
    Oral80 (77)
No. (%) of patients with CYP2C19 genotypea
    Homozygous extensive metabolizer30 (40)
    Heterozygous extensive metabolizer24 (32)
    Poor metabolizer7 (9.3)
    Ultrarapid metabolizer14 (18.7)
Mean (range) duration of therapy (days)54 (29–98)
Median (range) duration of voriconazole therapy posttransplantation (days)b39 (21–50)
Median (range) voriconazole daily dose (mg/kg/day)
    Intravenous8.0 (6–10)
    Oral7.35 (4–9.4)
Median (range) voriconazole trough level (μg/ml)2.49 (0–11.86)
  • a Genotypes were evaluated by use of allograft liver biopsy specimens from 75 liver transplant recipients (72% of patients).

  • b Median time interval between liver transplantation and the first voriconazole trough level measurement.