Therapeutic efficacies against M. tuberculosis H37Rv replicating in the lungs of B6 micea

CompoundVehicleED99 (mg/kg)bEDmax (mg/kg)c
IsoniazidWater0.95 (0.86-1.07)25
RifampinWater-20% Encapsine9.8 (9.0-10.7)30
PyrazinamideWater-1% methylcellulose362.0 (319.0-409.0)≥1,000d
EthambutolWater-1% methylcellulose21.6 (19.9-23.5)300
MoxifloxacinWater-20% Captisol27.7 (26.2-29.3)100
LinezolidWater-1% methylcellulose28.0 (23.7-32.9)≥300d
  • a Data are from five mice/group.

  • b The dose that results in a 2-log reduction in bacterial burden in the lungs of mice. Data were calculated from individual log10 CFU/lung values fit to a logistic equation. Data are expressed as the ED99, with the 95% confidence interval of the ED99 shown in parentheses.

  • c Estimated empirically as the lowest dose administered to mice that reduced bacterial burden in the lungs to a level statistically indistinguishable from reductions achieved with higher doses.

  • d Highest dose used in the assay.