In vitro susceptibility testing and 1,3-β-d-glucan synthase complex inhibition profiles for anidulafungin, caspofungin, and micafungin drugsd

StrainOrganismWild-type FKS or FKS with nucleotide substitutionFksp hot spot 1aMIC (μg/ml)bIC50 (ng/ml)c
ATCC 750 C. tropicalis Wild type FLTLSLRDP
CT-C1 C. tropicalis FKS1-T227C SLTLSLRDP
ATCC 90030 C. glabrata Wild type FLILSLRDP <
CG-C2 C. glabrata FKS1-T1885C FLILPLRDP,99812,77815,144
CG-C3 C. glabrata FKS2-T1987C FLILPLRDP 8.00>16.0>16.013,35116,88211,422
ATCC 90028 C. albicans Wild type FLTLSLRDP
177 C. albicans FKS1-T1922C SLTLSLRDP 0.834.001.002,6221,0911,435
205 C. albicans FKS1-T1933C FLTLPLRDP 1.338.004.00989245.41,088
  • a Bold letters represent amino acid changes. Shown are the sequences of Fks1p hot spot 1 for all strains except 03-Cg, in which the mutation was present in Fks2p.

  • b MIC values represent the geometric means of results from three repetitions.

  • c IC50 values represent the arithmetical means of results from three repetitions.

  • d ANF, anidulafungin; CSF, caspofungin; MCF, micafungin.