Effect of DNase I on 24-h-old biofilm biomass

StrainOptical density at 570 nm of biofilm biomass after treatment with DNase I at the following concn (μg/ml)a:
0 (control),000.0
A. baumannii 1.1570.7890.7380.6450.5340.4860.4560.345
H. influenzae 1.1320.7660.7280.6080.5340.4670.4280.389
K. pneumoniae 1.0390.7210.6730.5860.5170.4530.4070.321
E. coli 1.0670.7340.6740.5900.4950.4570.4120.341
P. aeruginosa 1.3730.9390.8990.7770.6640.5860.5330.445
S. aureus 1.5091.0921.0350.9280.7900.7240.6520.524
S. pyogenes 1.4581.0480.9810.8880.7360.6650.6090.479
  • a The results are representative of those from three to four independent experiments.