Epidemiological data, clonal lineages, and resistance phenotypes of P. aeruginosa isolates producing ESBLs, MBLs, and ES-OXAs

IsolateOriginβ-Lactamase(s) (pI)aIsolation siteMIC (μg/ml)bPFGE pattern
P9EpinalOXA-19 (7.5)Wound5121282566416161664A
P11EpinalOXA-19 (7.5)Wound2566425632168832A
P122NancyOXA-19 (7.5)Sputum2566425632168864A
P66Aulnay sous BoisOXA-2 (7.7), OXA-19 (7.6)Blood512326416161128128C
P174BesançonOXA-28 (7.8)Blood1281282563232416128E
P19ParisOXA-30 (7.2), PSE-1 (5.7), VIM-2 (5.6), PER-1 (5.3)Urine>51225625612812812864256F
P22ParisOXA-10 (6.3), PSE-1 (5.7), VIM-2 (5.6), PER-1 (5.3)Urine>51225625612825612864256F
P170BesançonPER-1 (5.1)Urine5121282566412843264G
P60CambraiSHV-2a (7.4)Sputum>51212864643213232H
P102LilleSHV-2a (7.4)Urine>5121286464321612832H
P151ParisVEB-1a (7.3), OXA-10 (6.3)ETAe>512256>512>512>51232128512I
P67AuxerreVIM-2 (5.6)Urine>51232128643251232128J
  • a bla genes borne by class 1 integrons are indicated in boldface type. The gene cassettes and order for these isolates are as follows, with GenBank accession numbers given in parentheses: for P9, P11, and P122, aacA4 and blaOXA-19 (FJ906752); for P66, blaOXA-2 and blaOXA-19; for P174, aacA4 and blaOXA-28 (FJ374756); for P67, blaVIM-2; and for P85, dfrA22 and blaIMP-18.

  • b Tic, ticarcillin; Tzp, piperacillin-tazobactam; Caz, ceftazidime; Fep, cefepime; Atm, aztreonam; Ipm, imipenem; Amk, amikacin; Cip, ciprofloxacin. Drug susceptibility according to current NCCLS/CLSI breakpoints (26) is shown in boldface type: for Tic, MICs of ≤64 μg/ml; for Tzp, MICs of ≤64 μg/ml; for Caz, MICs of ≤8 μg/ml; for Fep, MICs of ≤8 μg/ml; for Atm, MICs of ≤8 μg/ml; for Ipm, MICs of ≤4 μg/ml; for Amk, MICs of ≤16 μg/ml; and for Cip, MICs of ≤1 μg/ml. The susceptible reference strain P. aeruginosa ATCC 27853 was used as the internal quality control.

  • c MIC of piperacillin with a fixed concentration (4 μg/ml) of tazobactam.

  • d The pI value for IMP-18 has not been reported in the literature. IEF experiments for this isolate showed a smear between pI 5.0 and 7.5.

  • e ETA, endotracheal aspiration.