Plasmids and bacterial strains

Plasmid or strainGenotype or descriptionReference or source
    pEX18TcTcr oriT+ sacB+, gene replacement vector with MCS from pUC1815
    pUCP27Tcr pUC18-derived broad-host-range vector51
    pUCPNagZTcr; pUCP27 containing wild-type PAO1 nagZ gene (PA3005)This work
    pUCGMApr Gmr; source of Gmr cassette (aacC1 gene)15
    pEXNagZGmpEX18Tc containing 5′ and 3′ flanking sequences of nagZ::GmThis work
E. coli S17-1RecA pro (RP4-2 Tet::Mu Kan::Tn7)39
P. aeruginosa
    PAO1Reference strain, completely sequenced41
    PAΔDDh2Dh3PAO1 ΔampD::lox ΔampDh2::lox ΔampDh3::lox21
    PAΔnagZPAO1 ΔnagZ::GmThis work
    PAΔDDh2Dh3nagZPAO1 ΔampD::lox ΔampDh2::lox ΔampDh3::lox ΔnagZ::GmThis work