Insertion sequence locations in ST15 strains: ISAba125 locations in AB058

AB0057 location (bp)AYE locationGene(s)KnockoutLeftRight
NAaHypothetical proteinAphA6
NAAphA6Hypothetical protein
3849585ABAYE3813Polysaccharide polymerase
257283AB57_0237Outer membrane protein OprE3
919546AB57_0855/6Trehalose-phosphotaseBiotin biosynthesis protein BioH
1559510AB57_1478Hypothetical protein
1836640AB57_1745/6Fimbrial biogenesis outer membrane usher proteinPilus assembly chaperone
2224066AB57_2143Hypothetical protein
2508844AB57_2422Conserved hypothetical protein
2912916AB57_2829Hypothetical protein
3671716AB57_3564Hypothetical protein
3971913-3971985AB57_3850Histidine kinase
  • a NA, not applicable; the ISAba125 element is located on a plasmid that is not present in AB0057 or AYE.