Predictors of recrudescence in pregnant patients with uncomplicated P. falciparum malaria using logistic regressiona

Selection method and variableOdds ratiobzcP > |z|d95% CIe
Forward variable selection
    EGA (wk)1.122.710.0071.03-1.22
Backward variable selection
    EGA (wk)1.172.630.0081.04-1.31
    Body mass index (kg/m2)1.642.390.0171.09-2.45
    Novel infection at admission0.16−2.450.0140.038-0.70
    Predicted day 7 lumefantrine concn (ng/ml)0.995−2.360.0180.99-1.0
  • a Data are for 98 patients. Information on the type of infection at admission was missing for five patients.

  • b The odds ratio gives the expected relative change in odds when there is a 1-unit change in the value of the predictor variable when the values of all of the other variables in the model are held constant.

  • c The z statistic was used to test the hypothesis that the logistic regression coefficient is equal to 0.

  • d Two-tailed P value for the z test.

  • e The 95% CIs for the logistic regression coefficients.