Comparison of indolmycin resistance genes from Streptomyces species

EntryORFa expressed in B725 (indolmycin-sensitive S. coelicolor)MICb (μg/ml)
1 S. coelicolor B725 (trpRS1 null strain)0.25
2Wild-type S. coelicolor>150
3 S. coelicolor trpRS1 (SCO3334)10
4 S. avermitilis SAV4725 (trpRS1 homolog)5
5 S. griseus NBRC 13350 SGR380915
  • a All ORFs were introduced into strain B725 under the ermE* promoter for equalized expression in vivo (see Materials and Methods).

  • b The MIC is the concentration of indolmycin sufficient to inhibit the growth of each strain after 2 days on Difco nutrient agar (see Materials and Methods).