Susceptibility of WT M. tuberculosis H37Rv, the ΔRv1218c mutant, and the complemented strain to experimental compounds

Chemical classCompound no.MIC, μg/ml (resistance ratio),a for:
Wild-typeΔRv1218c mutantΔRv1218c mutant (pBAN0192)
PyrazolonesAZI-33511Not tested
AZI-3360.50.5Not tested
AZI-371128128Not tested
AZI-37721Not tested
AZI-219256128 (2)Not tested
PyridonesAZI-52125664 (4)256
AZI-510256128 (2)Not tested
Biaryl-piperazinesAZI-524256128 (2)256
AZI-525256128 (2)256
AZI-5266432 (2)64
AZI-52912816 (8)Not tested
Bisanilino-pyrimidines (BAPS)AZI-224328 (4)Not tested
AZI-284328 (4)Not tested
AZI-16712816 (8)Not tested
PyrrolesAZI-5300.120.03 (4)0.12
AZI-5310.030.008 (4)0.015
AZI-5320.030.008 (4)0.015
AZI-5330.030.008 (4)0.03
Novobiocin21 (2)4
Ethidium bromide0.250.12 (2)0.25
  • a MICs were either determined by the resazurin-based microplate assay or read turbidometrically. The resistance ratio (given in parentheses) is defined as MICwild-type/MICΔRv1218c mutant. Each reported value is from an average of at least two independent assay results.