MICs of pyrazolones and pyrroles for the M. tuberculosis ΔRv1218c mutant in the presence of efflux inhibitors verapamil, reserpine, and CCCP

CompoundChemical classMIC, μg/ml (resistance ratio)a
7H9 broth7H9 + verapamil7H9 + reserpine7H9 + CCCP
AZI-335Pyrazolones10.5 (2)0.5 (2)0.5 (2)
AZI-37112816 (8)32 (4)64 (2)
AZI-21912818 (16)128128
AZI-530Pyrroles0.030.030.015 (2)0.015 (2)
AZI-5310.0080.0080.0080.004 (2)
AZI-5330.0080.004 (2)0.004 (2)0.004 (2)
NovobiocinNovobiocin10.5 (2)NTNT
  • a MICs were performed as described in Materials and Methods by resazurin-based microplate assay. Verapamil and reserpine were used at 50-μg/ml and CCCP was added at 0.5-μg/ml concentrations. The resistance ratio (given in parentheses) is defined as MIC7H9/MIC7H9+ respective inhibitor. Each reported value is from an average of at least two independent assay results. NT, not tested.