Static and 2 log10 kill doses, Cmax/MIC, and 72-h AUC/MIC required for static effect and maximum killing for 72-h dosing of MX-2401 against 10 organisms

OrganismStatic dose (mg/kg/72 h)Cmax/MIC72-h AUC/MIC2 log10 kill dose (mg/kg/72 h)Max killing (log10 CFU/thigh)
S. pneumoniae
    ATCC 108133.5576.31,0975.084.9
    CDC 1466.5756.875910.22.4
    CDC 10206.4055.97498.293.7
    CDC 11993.3072.81,0566.294.5
    CDC 13293.7979.61,1365.624.9
S. aureus
    ATCC 2921379.12103,228>1600.7
    ATCC 6538P25.71222,11737.83.5
    UW 3100529.371.81,0581432.3
    ATCC 3359126.864.293535.13.4
    UW 30710926.463.091546.72.7