Representative examples of genes that are differentially regulated in response to 0.01% carvacrol

Response, categoryGenesa
    Drug/ABC transportersSNQ2, PDR15, YOR1, VMR1, PDR11, PXA2, STE6, PDR18, PDR5, PDR10, PXA1
    AutophagyATG1, ATG2, ATG3, ATG4, ATG5, ATG7, ATG8, ATG9, ATG14, ATG15, ATG16, ATG20, ATG22, PBN1, COX20, SNX4, LAP4, YPS1, STE13
    Heat shock proteins and chaperonesSSA1, SSA3, SSA4, HSP26, HSP42, HSP78, HSP82, HSP104, SSE2, MSS2, ECM10, MDJ1, FMO1, MPD1
    Oxidative stress responseFRT2, PRX1, UGA2, GRX1, SNQ2, CTA1, TSA2, CTT1, GTT1, GPX1, SRX1, MCR1, FMP46, GAD1, GRE2, OXR1, GRE1
    Energy reserve metabolismTPS1, TPS2, GLC3, GSY1, GSY2, GSC2, PGM2
    rRNA processingRPF2, UTP11, UTP13, UTP20, UTP23, RRP8, TSR1, TSR2, NOP4, ESF1, RRP1, RRP12
    Ribosome biogenesisRRP7, DBP6, RLI1, RSA4, RRB1, KRI1, NOP1, NOP7, NOP15, MAK16, MAK21
    tRNA synthesis and processingRPB5, LHP1, RPC52, BCD1, RPC10, RPC17, RET1, RPO40, RPO26, SEN34, POP8, POP6, SRM1
    Pyrimidine metabolismURA7, FUI1, FUR4, PRS3, DCD1, PPR1, URK1
  • a Only genes whose transcription was altered at least 2-fold are shown. Categories shown have P values of <0.0005.