Univariate analysis comparing patients carrying ciprofloxacin-susceptible and -resistant strains of staphylococci in the nasal floraa

CharacteristicValue for the parameter in CNS group (n = 501)Value for the parameter in S. aureus group (n = 96)
Cipros (n = 333)Cipror (n = 168)ORbCIcP valuedCipros (n = 74)Cipror (n = 22)ORbCIcP valued
Male sex (% of patients)49.2440.81(0.56-1.18)0.270039.236.40.89(0.33-2.38)0.81
Median age (yr)
Median Charlson score2.22.71.1(1.01-1.2)0.03472.13.21.33(1.03-1.72)0.028
Not coming from home (% of patients)<0.00012736.41.54(0.56-4.23)0.39
Hospitalized in the last year (% of patients)
Median number of days since last hospital stay90.587.20.99(0.91-1.08)0.7989.5100.21.04(0.84-1.28)0.72
Carriage of MDR bacteria (% of patients)9.613.71.49(0.84-2.64)0.1714.986.436.3(9.16-143)<0.0001
Antibiotic treatment in the last 3 months (% of patients)41.760.12.1(1.44-3.07)0.000141.954.61.67(0.64-4.34)0.297
Period of antibiotic exposure (% of patients)
    0 days58.640.71<0.000158.945.510.015
    1-7 days28.228.71.46(0.94-2.28)28.813.60.61(0.15-2.47)
    >8 days13.230.53.32(2.04-5.42)12.340.94.3(1.36-13.61)
Period since the end of antibiotic treatment (% of patients)
    0 days846210.55420710.81
    1-30 days37311.14(0.64-2.03)831.07(0.22-5.21)
    31-90 days1890.68(0.29-1.61)321.91(0.26-13.88)
  • a Cipro, ciprofloxacin. Superscripts indicated resistance (r) and susceptibility (s).

  • b OR, odds ratio.

  • c CI, confidence interval.

  • d Statistically significant values are indicated in boldface (P < 0.05).