Univariate analysis comparing patients carrying levofloxacin-susceptible and -resistant strains of α-hemolytic streptococci in the oropharyngeal flora (n = 537)

CharacteristicLevos (n = 386)aLevor (n = 151)aORbCIcP valued
Male sex (% of patients)47.450.31.12(0.77-1.64)0.54
Median age (yr)65.566.51.03(0.93-1.13)0.60
Median Charlson score2.42.61.06(0.97-1.15)0.21
Not coming from home (% of patients)22.523.21.04(0.66-1.62)0.87
Hospitalized in the last year (% of patients)47.7551.34(0.92-1.96)0.13
Median number of days since last hospital stay86.186.11(0.92-1.09)1.00
Carriage of MDR bacteria (% of patients)
Antibiotic treatment in the last 3 months (% of patients)50.538.40.61(0.42-0.9) 0.01
    β-Lactam40.9300.62(0.41-0.93) 0.02
Period of antibiotic exposure (% of patients)
    0 days50.161.61 0.01
    1-7 days31.218.50.48(0.30-0.78)
    >8 days18.719.90.87(0.53-1.42)
Period since the end of antibiotic treatment (% of patients)
    0 days1192910.33
    1-30 days120221.61(0.85-3.05)
    31-90 days7271.37(0.53-3.53)
  • a Levo, levofloxacin. Superscripts indicated resistance (r) and susceptibility (s).

  • b OR, odds ratio.

  • c CI, confidence interval.

  • d Statistically significant values are indicated in boldface (P < 0.05).