SNP type, antibiotic susceptibility profile, and doubling time of S. aureus strains used in this study

StrainSequence typeaMIC (mg/liter) by EtestbDoubling time (min)Reference for strains
N315ΔIPAAATGGG0.380.548 (256)c0.00635.736
N315ΔIP-rpoB621AAAATGGG0.250.25>2560.00638.22This study
N315ΔIP-rpoB621EEAATGGG1.53>2560.00639.31This study
N315ΔIP-SA182614AAAATGGG0.250.5>2560.00636.75This study
N315ΔIP-SA182614EAEATGGG0.250.5>2560.00636.83This study
10*3d1-SA182614AEAATADA1.53>2560.00666.46This study
10*3d1-SA182614EEEATADA1.53>2560.00670.54This study
10*3d1-SA182614A-rpoB621AAAATADA0.250.75>2560.00659.61This study
10*3d1-SA182614A-rpoB621EEAATADA1.53>2560.00672.12This study
  • a Substituted amino acids are given, except for rplV, for which the mutated initiation codon (first three nucleotides) is given. A, alanine; E, glutamic acid; G, glycine; D, aspartate.

  • b Etest was performed with Mueller-Hinton agar, and the results were read after 24 h of incubation at 37°C.

  • c MIC for the minority subpopulations is given in parentheses.