Screening of blaCTX-M-like genes in ESBL-producing E. coli clinical isolates from the Bicêtre hospital isolated in 2004

Strain no.Date of isolationWardSample sourceStatusaLC-PCR and pyrosequencing groupcClassical PCR and Sanger sequencing group
112 Jan. 2004ICUdTracheal aspirateCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
227 Jan. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
307 Feb. 2004UrologyUrineNCTX-M-9 (A)CTX-M-27
412 Feb. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
516 Feb. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
617 Feb. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
717 Feb. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
805 Mar. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
911 Mar. 2004GastroenterologyBileNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1018 Mar. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1119 Mar. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1221 Mar. 2004EmergencyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1326 Mar. 2004EmergencyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1405 Apr. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1505 Apr. 2004EmergencyUrineCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1607 Apr. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
1724 Apr. 2004NephrologyUrineCCTX-M-9 (B)CTX-M-14
1827 Apr. 2004NeurologyUrineNCTX-M-9 (B)CTX-M-14
1904 May 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
2025 May 2004EmergencyUrineCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
2125 May 2004UrologyUrineCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
2229 May 2004NeurologyUrineNCTX-M-9 (B)CTX-M-14
2310 June 2004OrthopedicsUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
2422 June 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
2524 June 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
26b16 July 2004Internal medicineUrineN
27b21 July 2004EmergencyUrineC
2823 July 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
2916 Sept. 2004NeurologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3016 Sept. 2004EmergencyUrineCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3117 Sept. 2004EmergencyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
32b17 Sept. 2004ICUUrineN
3329 Sept. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3411 Oct. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3513 Oct. 2004NephrologyUrineCCTX-M-2 (A)CTX-M-2
3615 Oct. 2004Internal medicineTracheal aspirateNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3724 Oct. 2004ICUCatheterNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3822 Oct. 2004EmergencyUrineCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
3929 Oct. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-9 (B)CTX-M-14
4029 Oct. 2004EmergencyUrineCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
4104 Nov. 2004GastroenterologyBloodCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
4216 Nov. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
4317 Nov. 2004OrthopedicsUrineCCTX-M-1 (E)CTX-M-1
4423 Nov. 2004OrthopedicsUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
4527 Nov. 2004EmergencyBloodCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
46b01 Dec. 2004PediatricsBloodN
4716 Dec. 2004NeurologyUrineCCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
4829 Dec. 2004GerontologyUrineNCTX-M-1 (C)CTX-M-15
  • a N, nosocomial infection; C, community-acquired infection.

  • b PCR results for these strains were CTX-M negative.

  • c Letters in parentheses indicate CTX-M subgroups. LC, LightCycler.

  • d ICU, intensive care unit.