Amplification and pyrosequencing primers for the blaCTX-M-like genes used in this study

PrimerPositionComment(s)Sequence (5′ to 3′)a
CTX-M-A1bio208-227bForward amplification primer biotinylatedb-SCVATGTGCAGYACCAGTAA
CTX-M-A5412-431bReverse amplification primerTGRGMAATCARYTTRTTCAT
CTX-M-A6629-649bForward amplification primerTGGTRAYRTGGMTBAARGGCA
CTX-M-A8bio782-803bReverse amplification primer biotinylatedb-TGGGTRAARTARGTSACCAGAA
S1317-338bSequencing primer 1TCVGYAATSGGRYTRTAGTTAA
S2703-720bSequencing primer 2GGBGATAARACCGGCAGC
CTX-M-A1208-227bPCR amplification primerSCVATGTGCAGYACCAGTAA
CTX-M-A2′712-731bPCR amplification primerCCRTARYCDCMGCTGCCGGT
Pre-CTX-M-3b950-931cPCR amplification primerCCGTTTCCGCTATTACAAAC
ISEcp-Prom+6218-6236dPCR amplification primerTGCTCTGTGGATAAC TTGC
IS903-Bint7805-7785dPCR amplification primerGCTTTTTGACTTTCCACTCGC
  • a b-, biotinylated. M denotes A or C. W denotes A or T. R denotes A or G. Y denotes C or T. B denotes C, G, or T. S denotes C or G. V denotes G, A, or C.

  • b Compared to the sequence for CTX-M-3 (GenBank accession number Y10278) (11).

  • c Compared to the sequence for GenBank accession number X92506 (3).

  • d Compared to the sequence for GenBank accession number AF458080 (34).