Cure rate of M. ulcerans infections after various durations of treatment with combination of RIF and an aminoglycoside (second experiment)

TreatmentCure rate (no. of mice cured/no. of mice treated [%]) for the following duration of treatment:
2 wk4 wk8 wk12 wk
RIF-STR11a/20 (55)15a/20 (75)19/19 (100)19/19 (100)
RIF-AMK14a/20 (70)19/20 (95)20/20 (100)20/20 (100)
    Total25/40 (62.5)34/40 (85)39/39 (100)39/39 (100)
  • a One bacteriological relapse, i.e., no rebound of lesion index but mouse M. ulcerans culture positivity by the end of follow-up, was observed in each of these groups.