Protection of rAAV2-BPI23-Fcγ1 gene-transferred mice from lethal E. coli challenge

Mouse injection (n)No. of mice with outcome:Survival rate (%)χ2a
rAAV2-BPI23-Fcγ1 (40)152537.50
rAAV2-EGFP (40)1392.5015.313*
PBS (45)2434.1714.462*
rAAV2-BPI23-Fcγ1-25μ g cefuroxime (40)271367.50
25 μg cefuroxime (40)b2385.0033.807†
rAAV-EGFP-25 μg cefuroxime (40)3377.5030.720†
  • a *, P = 0.000 compared with the rAAV2-BPI23-Fcγ1 group; †, P= 0.000 compared with the rAAV2-BPI23-Fcγ1-25 μg cefuroxime group.

  • b One hundred microliters of 12.5, 25, 50, 100, or 200 μg cefuroxime sodium was administered intramuscularly to groups of 10 BALB/c mice 1 h after challenge with the MLD of E. coli. The mortality of mice in the groups given 25 μg cefuroxime sodium at 48 h was 91.4% (n = 40). Twenty-five micrograms/100 μl was finally defined as the minimal dose of cefuroxime sodium in experiments for synergism with antibiotics.