Mobile elements found in p1658/97a

Element type and nameComponentsComponent(s) in p1658/97Component(s) in prototypeNo. of copiesCoordinatesRemarks
    IS1IRL, insA, insB, IRR542726 to 43493; 68116 to 68834; 102972 to 103739; 108084 to 108851; 112952 to 113719
    IS26IRL, tnpA, IRR447137 to 47956; 77747 to 78556; 85735 to 86554; 94552 to 95371
    IS903IRL, tnpA, IRR169339 to 70395
    IS100IRL, orf27 (codes for ATP-binding protein), tnpA, IRR170661 to 72614
    IS26tnpA, IRRIR-L, tnpA, IR-R85189 to 85734
    Tn21IRL, merRIRL, merR, merT, merP, merC, merA, merD, merE, urf2, In2, tnpM, res, tn, tnpA, IRR43552 to 44032
    Tn1721IRL, orf33 (orf1)IRL, orf1, res, tnpR, tnpA, IRR, tetR, tetA, IRL, tnpA, IRR76040 to 77626
    Tn1IRL, tnpAIRL, tnpA, tnpR, blaTEM, IRR44181 to 47141
    IS21IRL, orf45, orf46 (incomplete istA), IRRIRL, istA, istB, IRR101703 to 102292
    tnpA1IRL, tnpA1, IRR50833 to 51636Product of tnpA1 has 84% identity to putative TnpA from pEA29 of Erwinia amylovora (GenBank accession no. AF264951)
    orf17orf1750501 to 50785Product of orf17 has 86% identity to unknown protein of pEA29 of E. amylovora (GenBank accession no. AF264951)
    orf54orf54113715 to 114494Product of orf54 has 62% identity to putative transposase of K. pneumoniae (GenBank accession no. NP943536)
  • a IRL and IRR, left and right inverted repeats, respectively; tnpA, transposase gene; tnpR, resolvase gene.