Antimicrobial activity of Defr1 against a spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms and a fungus

Organism and strainaDescription or originMBC (μg/ml)b
PolDefr1Defr1 Y5CDefr1-1cys
Gram-negative bacteria
    P. aeruginosa
        PAO1Reference strain0.56506>50
    E. coli
        ATCC 25922Reference strain0.258>10012>50
    B. cepacia
        ATCC 25416Type strain>512>100>100
    B. cenocepacia
        ATCC BAA-245Type strain>512>100>100>100>100
    S. maltophilia
        C1980Clinical isolate3212.5>100
        C3625Clinical isolate326>100
        C3626Clinical isolate323>100
        C3627Clinical isolate646>100
    B. bronchiseptica
        J3083Reference strain0.126>100
    R. pickettii
        R4050/C3079Reference strain>5123>100
    R. eutropha
        ATCC 17697Reference strain1283>100
    A. baumannii
        ATCC 19606Type strain1312.56>50
Gram-positive bacteria
    E. faecalis ATCC 700802Reference strain256610012>50
    S. aureus ATCC 25923Reference strain25610>10012>50
    S. aureus J2918-MRSAcClinical isolate646>100
    C. albicans J2922Clinical isolate>512325
  • a Resistance phenotypes of clinical isolates for ciprofloxacin (Cip), meropenem (Mer), tobramycin (Tob) colistin (Col), and methicillin (Met): strain C3425, Mer resistant [Mer-R], Col-R; H183, Tob-R; C4269, Tob-R; C3781, Mer-R, Tob-R; C1980, Cip-R, Mer-R, Tob-R; C3625, Cip-R, Mer-R, Col-R; C3626, Cip-R, Mer-R; C3627, Mer-R, Tob-R; J2918, Cip-R, Met-R.

  • b Values represent the MBCs for oxidized Defr1, Defr1 Y5C, and polymyxin (Pol) as a control. MBC data for Defr1 and Y5C against PAO1, E. coli ATCC 25922, S. aureus ATCC 25923, E. faecalis ATCC 292126, and C. albicans J2922 have been previously reported (3) and are repeated here as comparators.

  • c MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.